Friday Night Mayhem: The 4th Age of the World

1st Session -- February 19, 2010

Meeting of the heroes & first battles together

1st Session—February 19, 2010:

Day 0: After an initial meeting at the Nentir Inn in the town of Fallcrest, five heroes (Elithien, Flargrim, Mickey Longleaf, Torthen Oath-Taker, and (Jason’s wizard)) set out towards Winterhaven to investigate the rumors of a growing darkness at Shadowfell Keep. On the way to Winterhaven, they fought a group of kobold bandits had been threatening the roads of late. Arriving in town and meeting Winterhaven’s inhabitants, including Lord Ernest Padraig, they learned that that Douven Stahl, the mentor of Torthen was last seen heading for an ancient dragon burial site. Elithien also makes the acquaintance of a quiet, suspicious newcomer elf called Ninaran, who seems to be the only person in town who knows of the cult. Ninaran directs the heroes to nearby forest cliff lair, where she believes the bandits are hiding.

Day 1: The party set out for the burial site and defeated a group of thugs there who had taken Douven as a prisoner. In the end, the dwarf was freed and offered his magical locket to Torthen as a reward for his rescue.

Enemies Slain (total monster XP 1074): Kobold Slinger, Kobold Dragonshields (2), Kobold Minions (5), Agrid, gnome skulk, Guard Drakes (2), Halfling Slinger, Human Rabble minions (4)

Treasures Acquired: 300 sp, Amulet of health +1 (Torthen), Ancient mirror (quest item, Missing Mentor), Sm. turquoise gem (50 gp)

Quests Completed: Missing Mentor (250 XP)

Total XP per hero: 265 (1st level)



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