Friday Night Mayhem: The 4th Age of the World

Session 3 -- March 5, 2010

Into Shadowfell Keep...

Session 3—March 5, 2010:

Day 3: Before they leave for Shadowfell Keep that morning, the four surviving heroes make the acquaintance of an odd wizard known only as “the Sorcelator.” Brandishing his twin wands Hurt and Burn, the competent but overenthusiastic wizard seems a trustworthy sort, and is quickly invited along to join in the mayhem. Shadowfell Keep is a dark a gloomy place, haunted by tragedies of times long past. A brief search outside reveals signs of recent travel, and the party suspects the elf Ninaran may be moving back and forth between Winterhaven and Shadowfell Keep on secret errands.

The heroes find the place to be infested by goblins, encountering organized resistance immediately upon entering the Keep. Yet they fight through the goblin guards and discover a secret back entrance into the lair of their chieftain—a bloated goblin with an odd accent known as Balgron the Fat. Launching a surprise attack, they quickly slay Balgron and numerous other goblin foes. Continuing their exploration, they happen upon a hobgoblin torturer who is swiftly slain by Elithien’s twin strike. The elf ranger claims the torturer’s +1 barkskin hide armor for herself. One of the cells holds a pathetic goblin prisoner called Splug, who begs to be released, and Torthen grants his wish with a lethal bear-hug. After dealing with the pathetic Splug, the heroes take an extended rest in the secure, now-abandoned jail cells of the torturer.

Enemies Slain (total monster XP 2175): Goblin Sharpshooters (5), Goblin Warriors (8), Rat Swarm, Goblin Cutter minions (8), Prisoner Splug, Hobgoblin Torturer, Balgron the Fat

Treasures Acquired: small amethyst (50 gp), potion of healing (2), 222 gp, +1 barkskin hide (Elithien)

Quests Completed: Ominous Signs (Slay Balgron the Fat): 50 XP

Total XP per hero: 445—grand total 1210 XP each (Level Up to 2nd level)



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